Thursday, February 4, 2010

Shake Em Loose Tonight

The term Rumspringa comes from the Amish rite of passage where Amish teenagers go out into the world to decide if they want to be out there and return to the religion for the rest of their lives. The term was given more attention in the documentary Devil's Playground. This two-piece band from Los Angeles calls themselves Rumspringa and says their goal is to go past the conventional pop music of today and revive the roots of the spirit of early rock n' roll.

Song: Shake Em Loose Tonight
Artist: Rumspringa
Album: Rumspringa - EP

Oh well now, father said to son
You know you're growing
You've grown into a fair child
Oh well now, mother said to daughter
Girl, you're showing how to be a real wild child

Oh well I can't be satisfied, couldn't be more right
Blues is gonna move em, shake em loose tonight
I'm singing oooo....right, right, right

Brothers and sisters, won't you gather around
Don't need four tickets, we're all from the same town
Singing oooo...right, right, right
Why aren't you coming anymore?
Why aren't you coming anymore?